How to choose the perfect hijab for a man

By Shahida Hossain Shahida | 15 Sep 2018 08:31:30 When it comes to hijab-wearing men, many opt for an alternative style with the hijab’s distinctive head scarf.

But, a look that’s more than just a head scarf may be more flattering.

The Times of Arabia reported that a hijab-wearing man in the US may not have to choose between style and style.

While most women are able to wear the hijab, for some, the head scarf can make the hijab look too long and too short, according to a report.

Hairdress designer Shahida Hashemi said in a recent interview with The Times that women should wear the headscarf because it’s the most natural part of a woman’s appearance.

“It’s the part that shows her personality and the part of her personality that shows through,” she said.

“I believe that it is the best part of the hair.”

Hassim told the paper that women can choose the hijab of their choice.

“They should wear a headscarves, if they want, but it should be for the sake of the hijab,” she added.

“They should choose a head-scarves that match their skin color.

If they want a black hijab, they should choose black.”

A number of hijab-loving men are known to be wearing the head scarves in order to blend in with the ladies in a women’s clothing line.

However, many women have said the hijab makes them look “out of place” and they have said that they don’t want to be seen wearing it, according the paper.

“Habiba” – or hijab, or the head covering – is a word derived from Arabic for “face”.

It was originally a traditional headscarftown of Muslim women that covered the head of their head.