A haircut that will be a hit at the movies, says the head of the hairstyle design and design firm that inspired the hit film Beauty and the Beast

A haircut inspired by Beauty and The Beast that is being used in the upcoming film Beauty And The Beast has earned a hit from its makers, but not from the designers who designed it.

The stylist who designed the design is still working on the design of a new hair cut for the movie, and the movie’s hairstylist and director are still working with the design and hairstylists on the final design, according to a statement released Tuesday by the head and creative director of The Hair Company, Steve Waugh.

The design of the hair, called the Beauty and Beyond, has been in development since last year and was a huge hit at New York Fashion Week last year.

The company also designed the designs for the new Broadway show based on the book by the same name.

Waugh said he is pleased that the stylist is still collaborating with the stylists.

The stylists, Waugh said, have come together to make the Beauty And Beyond the look that everyone is going to be proud of.