Indian designer’s hairstyle designs ‘outrageous’

Designers of a “haircut of a lifetime” inspired by a young Indian woman’s headscarf have created a stunning set of stylised hairstyles.

The design is the first of its kind, with hairstyles inspired by the headscarves worn by Indian women in Islamic traditions. 

The designers of the hairstyle, which have been described as “outrageously beautiful”, said it was inspired by “a young Indian girl’s headband”, but their work was inspired “by an Indian woman” and was “out of this world”.

The designers, who have not been identified, have been asked to not reveal their identities, but the BBC has reported that the designers are Indian women and have been based in Pakistan for several years. 

“She’s a young girl from a village in Pakistan who is now living in the UK,” said one of the designers, Shailesh Patil.

“She’s had a very hard life, she’s had to survive a lot.

Her life has been totally affected by this, and we wanted to create something that would inspire her to be strong and be determined.”

The stylised style of the design, called The Girl From Lahore, was created by the designers. 

A woman is seen in this undated photo wearing a headscarb and head covering, at a school in Pakistan.

Source: AP/AFP/FileShailesh and her colleague Pranay Kaur have created the style using a design kit called “Indian Shapes”, which includes a stylised version of the headband and a headdress that is made up of hair that is pulled in different directions, creating a “mosaic”.

“The hair is woven into the fabric of the dress, and the headdress is made from hair that’s tied into the neckline,” they said in a statement.

“We wanted to represent the unique character of the hair and make it a part of the garment, not just the style.”

The two have been inspired by another Indian woman, the late Sreenivasan, who was born in Pakistan and raised in India.

She became a fashion icon for Indian women with her colourful, colourful, and colourful headscarfs, which are the most famous among Indian women. 

Sreenivasar had a large following among Indian men, who loved the way she wore the headgear. 

According to the BBC, Sreenasar’s headgear is the most popular piece of headscarved clothing in India, and it is a symbol of the country’s secular and liberal culture.