What are the most popular haircuts?

A new study suggests that men who own a barber shop in Seoul can earn up to $60,000 a year.

Key points:The survey also found that men are paying more attention to haircuts at homeThey are also paying more to shop onlineMore than 60% of barbers are from KoreaThe survey found that haircuts were viewed as important by men in their home countriesMore than one-third of barber shops in Seoul were frequented by men.

They were paying a premium for haircuts, with men who owned barbershops earning $60.7 million, the survey found.

The study also found men are spending more attention on haircuts in their homes, with women paying more than $1.4 billion for haircare in 2017.

A barber has to be licensed to be allowed to sell their services in the country, and the number of barbed wire fences around bars has risen dramatically in recent years.

More than half of Seoul barbers were licensed, and there were over 500 licensed bars, with the average barber making $50,000 annually, the study said.

More:The study said that the barbershop experience was “the only thing” that differentiated the men from the women.

“The barber is the only person who is actually able to make a living here, and I think that is a big factor in why people feel comfortable in being a barbers,” said Park Byung-hee, an associate professor at Seoul National University’s business school.

“I think it’s because we have the same type of hairstyle and we know each other so well, and we like each other’s style so much.”

The survey was carried out between July 1 and July 31 and included 2,903 men and 1,818 women.

The men paid the most money for haircares in the city, and men who lived in Seoul made an average of $54,900 a year, while women earned an average $44,700 a year on average.

The women’s earnings were more evenly split between men and women.

Men who owned bars made an estimated $58,500 per year on an average, while those who lived within walking distance of a bar made an additional $22,500.

Men living in the capital made the most on average, making an average salary of $68,400.

The survey did not include barbers who were employed by Korean-owned companies, which were often seen as being more upscale.

The barbers in Seoul who owned a bar were also more likely to be men, the poll found.

Barbers who lived close to a bar earned the least money, with an average income of $21,200.

The most expensive haircut in Seoul was $58.5 million for a men’s barber.

A men’s haircut costs $62,200 on average in Seoul, with a woman’s haircut at $59,800.