A new way to keep your hairstyle simple and stylish in Dubai

Dubai — A new way of keeping your hairstyles simple and dressed up, a design for a simple haircut, is being developed by the city’s public relations department.

It comes after the city unveiled its first ever “haircut” this month, where the head of the department has unveiled a new haircut for men.

“We’re looking for a haircut that’s stylish, trendy, simple, and has the right kind of hair.

It should fit a man’s style and fit his personality.

We’re also looking for the best looking haircut,” said Aysha Al Khabra, the head PR director for Dubai, to the Associated Press.

The new haircut is a blend of styles and styles, including one which features a long, wavy bob cut that looks great in a suit.

“It is a unique look that looks like the real thing.

The length and texture of the hair are really subtle and they don’t clash, and it’s not so thick and messy,” said Khabram.

Al Khabrra added that the hair is made from natural fibres.

The hairstyle is available in a variety of styles, from a medium to long.

A man can choose between three hairstyles: short, full, or full length.

The hairstyles are available at various shops around the city and online.

The Dubai Bureau of Public Relations said it’s working to find a salon in the city where the haircut can be installed.