How to shave your head in seconds

The NFL announced a major haircut design update Thursday that will make it easier for players to keep their hair cut short.

The league’s official website is now showing a new haircut design that combines elements of traditional and modern styles, with a more relaxed, loose feel and minimalist styling.

The NFL also announced that its team hair stylists will now be able to cut hair shorter than current hairstyles for its players.

The new haircut is expected to go into effect for players in the league’s off-season, and the NFLPA said the new haircut will be available in select teams starting with the 2019 season.

A stylist can now shave a player’s head in about 10 seconds, according to the league.

The haircut will feature a simple but elegant flow and a simple, clean-shaven look, with no styling, no styling extensions, and no extensions or extensions on top.

Players are allowed to wear the hairstyle for the rest of the season and then switch to a new style for the next game.

A haircut will now also be available for players that have played more than 30 games.

A player can have the haircut on their head for two weeks, or for 30 days.

Players that want to try out the new style can do so by visiting and signing up for an account.

The new haircut style will be accessible through NFL.TV and will be free for anyone who already has an NFL account.

The haircuts were announced by NFL chief financial officer Bill Polian, who said the league is “committed to offering players the best haircut design experience.”

The haircut style update will go into place for all players and their teams starting this season, Polian said.

The hair is designed to keep players looking their best, and it features a sleek, minimal flow and light, airy lines, Poliana said.

Players can choose from different styles, including a “shaved” cut, and there are also “truffle” styles that are shorter, shorter, and shorter.

Poliana said the team stylists are working with hair and styling experts to develop the new haircuts, and are now in the process of developing a website and app to let players try them.

“The goal is to get them on board as quickly as possible,” he said.