A designer who makes beautiful hairstyles with scissors to make them look as natural as possible, with a twist

The Jerusalem Project article With a twist, designer and photographer Nissim Eltay, who was born and raised in Jerusalem, has taken the world by storm with her signature creations.

She has created some of the most eye-catching hairstyles on the market and is making them look natural as well.

Eltay has created a series of hairstyles called “Fuchsia,” which she has styled and painted to look like the colors of the Fuchsia flower, which is also known as the rose.

The style, which has been inspired by the beautiful fuchsia color, is known for its ability to blend into the rest of the hairstyle.

Eltays creations are so stunning that the hairstylist even went as far as creating a book of her creations.

The design is so beautiful and it’s so hard to put into words.

I’ve created this book so that you can see what you are looking at.

This is the first book of my Fuchsias that I’ve ever created, Eltays daughter, Yossi said.

Elesha Maresi, a fashion photographer, who has made a series called “Hair Design with the Pencil,” is the only other person in the world to have made a book about the hairstyles she has created.

In this book, you will find beautiful photos of her work that I hope you can find yourself reading.

The book is named after Elesha, who died on Sunday at the age of 70.

Her daughter, Nissi, and her husband, Rabbi Eliyahu, started the project in 2013 and it is the product of Elesa and her sister, Rabbi Yossim.

The book has been published on the Elesas website and has attracted millions of fans on social media.

The couple has created the book with the help of the Israeli artist and designer Yigal Shmuel. 

Elesa is known as a creative director, and the pair have created the designs using her own hands.

She said, “We started the book in 2012.

We asked people to come with us to a conference, to create the cover.

It was very much about the creativity of the woman. 

We are very excited about this book.

I hope people find their own beauty in it.”

Elesas work is a combination of a range of different types of hair styles, such as ponytails and voluminous buns, which are all made from the same type of hair. 

“This is a book for women,” Eleshas daughter, said.

“It is a beautiful book that gives you an idea of how beautiful women are.

We hope that it helps women who have hair like this see that beauty in themselves.”

The book was published in April and was sold out in two days, but it sold out at the book fair on Saturday.

Eelsha, a natural beauty and fashion photographer from the city of Ramallah, was born in Jerusalem and grew up in a Jewish family in the Negev desert.

She studied at a hair salon in the Haifa area of Israel, before taking up photography at the University of Haifa in the 1960s.

In her younger days, she took photos for magazines, and also worked as a model and photographer.

Elsas work has always been influenced by her roots in Judaism, but she has been influenced in recent years by her experience growing up in the city, where she met her husband and began to learn how to make hair.

In 2012, she opened her own salon and was soon recognized by her peers.

She began working at her salon full time and in 2014, she became a full-time hairstylists instructor at the prestigious Tel Aviv hair salon, Yitzhak Golan.

Eleshes children also teach at the salon, and she said that the salon is an important part of her life.

I can’t even explain how important it is that I work at the school.

The salon is one of the main sources of income for the family.

Eelsha said that she hopes the book will help people to be more open-minded about the way they look and to be inspired by their own unique beauty. 

The book also contains a variety of other styles, including traditional hairstyles such as bun and braids, and a variety that are trendy and sophisticated.

Eletsha said, “This book is really a celebration of the beauty and femininity that I have been born into, and I hope that this book will inspire people to look at their own natural beauty, to be themselves, to feel like themselves. 

This is my personal message to the world, and it has been the inspiration behind my work.

I love the beauty of hair and I love that this beauty is a part of who I am.” The salon,