Glamour Magazine Style Magazine: Bangle hairstyles

Style magazine has come under fire for a photo shoot that depicts the Bangle design hairstyles worn by Bollywood stars.

The magazine said the look was created by a designer in the UK.

The image, which was posted on Instagram, shows a man and woman with bangle hair styling in the style of a gaudy bangle.

A caption on the post says the designer’s name is Mr. Shriram.

The style was designed by Indian-born designer Shriramsha Thackeray, who is currently based in the US.

The fashion industry in India has been flooded with stylists who use bangle designs.

“They’re a bit of a gimmick.

They are designed to make you look bigger, which is a bit odd.

There is also some speculation about them being a way to attract a certain clientele,” said Akshay Bhaskar, a fashion editor at Fashion and Beauty magazine.”

The bangle is a little bit weird, but people love them and they are very fashionable,” he said.

Bhaskar added the style is “pretty cool”.

“I can’t say that it’s a bangle, but it’s definitely a bit different.

And it’s kind of trendy,” he added.”

They are definitely a stylist’s thing and if you look at some of the more established bangle styles in India, they have a lot of trendiness.”

He said the style was a “dramatic shift” from traditional bangle style, which often had a braid or an eye.

“There are a lot more gaudier hairstyles, more colourful, and the trend is not to go with that, it’s to go for the more basic,” he explained.

“I think that there’s a shift from the older bangle to this modern style.”

The image also shows the designer behind the styling.

Bhansali, a London-based fashion photographer, has worked with celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna.

He said bangle styling was “a bit of an oddity” and said there was a lot to be desired about it.

“It’s definitely an interesting way to wear a bang, it just has to be seen as such,” he told

“You can get really weird looks out of it, and I think it’s an interesting element in bangle culture.”

People can wear it to a party and people are just going for it, it can be a bit silly and quirky.

It’s not really a style for every bangle person, but a lot do.

“A spokesman for the fashion magazine told news: “We were very surprised that the style in the photo was a bit too gaudey, with the style being designed by an unknown designer who does not belong to the industry.

“We are not aware of the identity of the designer and the fashion editor’s name.”

If you do get a call about this, we will take action and we apologise for any offence caused.

“A Bangle style in India is not uncommon, with many celebrities wearing bangle in their bikinis.