How to get the perfect hairstyle with khajoo styles

Business Insider readers are in love with the khajoon, a classic look with a modern twist.

Khajoon haircuts are versatile and can look stunning with any outfit.

Here are 5 basic styles to help you achieve the look you want.


The Khajoo.

This is the classic khajook hairstyle.

The short, straight hair is styled with a single straight bang, and ends in a simple, but versatile, bun.

It’s a great look to wear in any occasion, from weddings to formal occasions.


The Kajoon.

This style combines the long bang with the short, curling bangs.

The hair is shorter, and you add an extra flourish with a short fringe.

This look can be worn in a variety of different ways, such as a classic updo or a tie.


The Hula Kajoo or Kajoor.

This hairstyle has a more modern twist than the Kajook.

This type of hairstyle is also worn with a traditional updo.

You get a long bang, a long curl, and a long, short bang.

You can also choose from a variety for a more casual look.


The Hairball.

This looks more like a bun than a hairstyle, and it’s a traditional look that has a twist to it.

This one is worn with an updo and ties.

It is also known as a ponytail.


The Dollywood.

This version of the kajoon looks like a long wig.

This haircut is typically worn in an updock and tie, and has a short, high bang.