‘It’s all about the haircut’: ‘Hairpocalypse’ – Irish designers reveal their hair trends for the winter

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the holidays is how festive and full of fun it would be to wear a scarf, but the first thing to do is make sure you have the right haircut.

The style is so much more than a scarf and, if you’re looking for a style to really hit the nail on the head, you’ll want to look at this article, from hairstyle pup designer Nick Smith and hairstyle designer Nick Boles.

“I think it’s the perfect winter thing to get rid of the hair,” Smith told The Irish Post.

“It’s so much fun to do.

We’ve got a bunch of different styles of it on display in our shop, and we’ve got quite a few of our own.”

“A lot of our customers are saying that their favourite holiday is now gone,” he said.

The Irish Times’ hair style guide was published last week and Smith has been looking at the designs in a bid to help others make the same decision.

One of the styles that will be featured on display at the shop is the ‘Halloween’ hairstyle.

This is the first design that Nick has designed for his shop, a Halloween style called the ‘Christmas Shaving’.

“It’s the only time you can have your Christmas beard and hair in the same colour,” Smith said.

“It can be the colour of your favourite holiday or just be a lovely Christmas beard.”

Smith’s style guide is available for download on his website, and you can read more about it at hairstylepup.ie.

Smith said the main thing about the style is the colour, but he said there are also more subtle colours like brown and black, and that the idea of a Halloween haircut is also a way of making a statement about the holiday.

“We want people to say ‘This is how I want to wear my Christmas beard’ and they’ll go for it,” he explained.

“They’ll go to the store, they’ll try it out, they like it, and then they’ll come back and say ‘I want to try it again’,” he added.

“You’re not going to make anyone mad with the Halloween hairstyle because they’ve seen this before.”

The ‘Christmas’ haircut is inspired by the theme of the season, with red, orange and yellow Christmas lights, and also features a ‘bark’ effect on the scalp.

He said he wanted people to go to their local pub, to get a haircut and go home, and he also wanted them to take photos.

“If you have a holiday, if it’s a long holiday, people will be really happy with it, they will say ‘That’s what Christmas should be about’,” he said, “I just want people in the pub, if they’ve got something to say, to say something and get a photograph.”

Smith said that he also wants people to do a hair style check-up, because a lot of people get confused by different styles.

“So many people just go to see someone else,” he joked.

“We’ve done a number of hair check-ups in the shop and a lot more people are getting their hair styles right.”

When you have this haircut you don’t have to look too much at it.

“Smith has been making his own hairstyles since 2013 and he said that it’s been a long journey to get where he is now.

At the time, he was working at a coffee shop in Dublin.

After years of designing, developing and refining the hairstyle, Smith said that, at the time of his first haircut, he had to be wearing a scarf.

Now he’s happy to be a ‘hippie’ and wearing a ‘motorhead’ haircut.”

I’m happy because I’m so proud of myself,” he told The Independent.

There are other hairstyles, too, like the ‘Bacon’ style, which uses bacon to make a face and is the main style he’s making for himself, and the ‘Danish’ style that uses a variety of different colours.

Smith said he’s been working on other styles as well.

While it’s not all about Christmas, he has a beard too, so it’s great to see more designers embracing the holiday and taking inspiration from it.”

At the moment I’ve got more Christmas hair in my shop than any other Christmas hair,” he added, “And I’ve been working really hard on getting my beard and beard tips in there.

“The ‘halloween’ haircut can be worn as a Halloween gift, or can be taken on as a regular holiday.

If you want to know more about Nick Smith, you can check out his website or his Instagram page.

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